Friday, November 16, 2007


Dear Friends,

Grace is a gift from the divine.

One of the greatest discoveries I have stumbled upon has been right under my nose.

After years of meditation, and contemplation of teachings I discovered one day that nothing happens without grace.

A person can ask for "everything under the sun", but not a hair will budge until there is grace.

I have done workshop after workshop, talk after talk. So I asked my self, what is different now?

Why is it that when I ask for something for someone now that it happens without the wishing and praying and desperation?

It came to me that the main ingredient was'nt me at all. It was grace. Only in the prescence of the divine can grace flow. The presence comes when we just simply ask. Believe it or not when the prescence is inside of you u need not even ask. Whatever you think will be.

The simple knowing that I am not doing anything and everything is as it should be it the most healing and refreshing experience in my life.

The divine my friends is a discovery.